For Job Applicants

T system is a solution which is expanding for the future across the border or the language.
So it doesn't matter whether you have IT experience or not.
If the business conversation in Japanese is possible, it really doesn't matter about educational backgrounds or nationalities.
We also have an educational program for IT knowledge and skills, so you can join us.
Be an IT engineer as one of creators for the future and work together as a
business partner of global companies with us.


Guidelines For Applicants

The Recruitment Job Category 1. System Engineer (A few people)
2. Service manager (A few people)
3. Field service engineer (A few people)
Application Qualification High school graduation or higher for 1. to 3.
Requires a normal driver license for 3.
(Automatic car limitation license is available.)
Salary 1 . and 2.
The monthly amount \300,000~Annual income \3,600,000~

The monthly amount \280,000~Annual income \3,360,000~

-Including 30 hours of fixed overtime
-Fixed overtime fee will be paid even if overtime is less than 30 hours.
-When exceeding 30 hours overtime, extra overwork charge will be paid.
-A salary is determined by consideration for experiences, qualifications, and capabilities.
Allowance Commuting allowance (by prescription),
Qualification allowance,
Overtime allowance (if you get more than 30 hours),
Working-on-a-holiday allowance,
System Engineer allowance,
Transferring allowance.
Raise in salary Once a year. (April, depends on achievement.)
Working Place 1. and 2. Wako-shi, Saitama, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
3. Tochigi Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Hokkaido
(Sapporo-shi, Wakkanai-shi, Obihiro-shi).
Office Hours 9:00 to 18:00 (including 1hour lunch time)
Vacation More than annual 125 days-national holidays.
Perfect five-days work a week.
National holidays, summer holidays, Year-end and New-year holidays
paid holidays, congratulatory and/or condolence holidays.
Employee Benefits Congratulatory and/or condolence payments,
Support for self-development (e-learning),
Benefits service(WELBOX),
Childcare and nursing care leave,
Physical checkup.
Retirement system 60 years old. (Re-employment system up to 65 years old.)
Where to send your resume. 〒065-0012 (ZIP code)
Sapporo, Higashi-ku, Kita 12-jo, Higashi 14-chome, 3-24
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